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Five Tax Scams to Avoid This Summer

Hiding income offshore, identity theft, and return preparer fraud topped the IRS's list of tax scams in 2011. The Internal Revenue Service issues an annual list of the top 12 tax scams, known as the "Dirty Dozen". These scams are illegal and can lead to significant penalties and interest, and possible criminal prosecution.

Here are five year-round scams every taxpayer should know about:

How to Prevent Fraud

You may have read these recent local headlines (click link to read article):

People Skills 102

Kittens, conductors and the astonishing power of incompetence.

by Justin Locke

I played the double bass with the Boston Pops for many years and when I gave presentations about my musical memoir, “Real Men Don’t Rehearse,” I almost always was asked: “Just what exactly does the conductor actually do?

Rather than answer that question directly, I brought up a more important question, which was, “What exactly is it that makes the 'great' conductors 'great'?'"

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